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With the skills gap increasing, it’s more important than ever to train your staff effectively and efficiently. Offensive Security provides training for your organization designed by the same minds behind Kali Linux.

Learn more about these offerings today:

  • Offsec Flex Program: allows you to train new and in-house talent in a flexible way. Extend your budget with Flex bonus funds provided by OffSec, the global leader in penetration testing training. Keep your budget secure with the OffSec Flex program, which supports enterprises and organizations of all sizes.
  • Proving Grounds Enterprise: a modern network for practicing penetration testing skills on exploitable, real-world vectors. Hone your skills against situations and surfaces mimicking a real pentest via the most robust enterprise network simulation available.
  • Offsec Academy: With OffSec Academy, our experts will mentor your team through the course material for the industry-leading OSCP penetration testing certification. OffSec Academy includes both virtual training and 1:1 mentoring. Offering highly-personalized instruction, this program is the most interactive opportunity for your team to work through the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PEN-200) online course.

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