AMA Webinar on SOC-200 and WEB-200: New Courses Added to the OTL

Offensive Security has added brand-new courses to the OffSec Training Library (OTL): Security Operations and Defensive Analysis (SOC-200) and Web Attacks with Kali Linux (WEB-200)

Join our “Ask Me Anything” webinar on December 15, 2021 at 12PM EST with OffSec's Content Product Manager Jeremy (Harbinger) Miller, Content Technical Manager Morten Schenk, and Sr. Content Developer Dejan Zelic. 

You’ll hear about: 

  • Why we created our very first defensive security course focused on Security Operations: SOC-200
  • Competencies and skills students will learn in WEB-200
  • Career-pathing and job prospects for each course 

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